All Agreements


Terms of Use

*** This document is translated from Japanese. The official registered documentation is in Japanese only and may be found here.***


  •  In order for customers to use the internet reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") of GSE Nansatsu Kanko (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), they agree to the terms and conditions brought forth below. Please read before use.

(Compliance of Basic Matters)

  • Article 1

    Customers who use the service will adher to the general rules of manners, morals, and practicalities. We will strictly refuse, regardless of reason, the use of this service for the purpose of profit without prior agreement.

(Measures to be Taken Against the Basic Matters)

  • Article 2

    Customers who create trouble to third party groups or people, or create disturbances towards the Company's Service or services of business operators that are part of the Service (hereafter referred to as "Business Operators") are subject to be refused the Service or the services of the Business Operators. Also, reprinting, reusing, and duplication of the Service without permission is prohibited.

(Various conditions caused by hte Customer's settings)

  • Article 3

    The Service uses the appropriate settings for letters and characters to be seen. The Company and Business Operators are not responsible for those that cannot view or access the Service. In addition, the Company and Business Operators are not responsible for and circumstances that relate to the customers settings.

(Conditions of the User of the Service)

  • Article 4

    The use the Service is by the customer's choice and only for those that agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Also, by using the Service and applying for a tour, the customers agrees to comply with these terms and conditions.

  • When the Service is used, the customer will obey the items set for in this document.

  • When applying for a tour or activity using the Service, the customer will provide their name, address, phone number, email, etc.

  • The tours of the Service may have certain restrictions. The customers agrees to these restrictions and to not demand price reductions.

(Services offered in the Service)

  • Article 5

    On the website that the Company manages, reservations for certain products may be made

(Compliance of the Terms and Conditions)

  • Article 6

    by participating in tours and activities offered in the Service, the customer also agrees to the separete terms and conditions of the Business Operators included in the product.

(Personal Responsibilities of the User)

  • Article 8

    When using the Service, the user is fully responsible for all results of their own actions. In addition, any actions of the user that result in damage, loss, or injury to the Company, Business Operators, or a third party person will be fully the user's responsibility. If the user, by means of any of the following, causes damage or loss to the Company, Business Operators, or the Service, the user will be subjected to the demand of compensation.

    • (1)Violating the terms and conditions of this document or the separate terms set forth by the Business Operators

    • (2)Fake reservations of tours, activities, and other products

    • (3)Making a reservation for a third party or person without their consent

    • (4)Sending harmful programs or data, or posting harmful content

    • (5)Sending or posting a third party's personal information without their consent

    • (6)Any action that violates the laws of Japan

    • (7)Other acts incidental to the above

(Reservation Application)

  • Article 9

    Please input the correct personal data for the desired product. If incorrect data is provided, the reservation may be voided.

(Completion of Reservation)

  • Article 10

    Reservations for tours and activities of the Service will be confirmed by email. The reservation will be completed only after the reservation is confirmed via email and payment is made.


  • Article 11

    The payment of tours and activities of the Service are made by the methods provided in the Service

(Cancellations and Changes of Reservations)

  • Article 12

    For reservation cancellations or changes, please use the Company's online reservation system or contact the Company. If a part or all of a reservation is cancelled, it is subject the cancellation fees based on the following cancellation policy.

  • The Company's standard cancellation policy

    • (1) Cancellations made at least 21 days prior: no cancellation fee

    • (2) Cancellations made 8 ~ 20 days prior: 20% cancellation fee

    • (3) Cancellations made 2 ~ 7 days prior: 30% cancellation fee

    • (4)Cancellations made the day before: 40% cancellation fee

    • (5 Cancellations made the day of before departure: 50% cancellation fee

    • (6) No contact or cancellation after departure: 100% cancellation fee

(Changes to the content of the Service)

  • Article 13

    In circumstances deemed necessary by the Company or Business Operators, changes to the Service or terms and conditions may be made without notification. Please check the terms and conditions everytime the Service is used. In addition, when changes to the terms and conditions are made, only the content after the changes is valid. Previous content is voided.

(Temporary Suspension of Usage)

  • Article 14

    Under the following circumstances, the Company made temporarily suspend the usage of the Service.

    • (1) System Maintainence

    • (2) Natural disasters, unnexpected emergencies, or threats that may harm operations.

    • (3) When the Company determines it is necessary to temporarily suspend operation of the website or Service.

(Handling of the Customer's Personal Information)

  • Article 15

    When a tour or activity is applied for on the Service, personal data is inputted into the application form. This data may be shared to Business Operators for the following reasons.

    • (1) To inform the customer of new products and services of the Company or Business Operators

    • (2) For research into how to improve the Company or Business Operator's tours or activities

    • (3) For the use in statistical information without specifying the individuals

  • The Company shall not disclose personal information obtained from customers to third parties, except in the following cases

    • (1) When the individual has given their express consent

    • (2) When disclosure is required in order to protect the life, well-being or assets of a person, and it is difficult to obtain to consent of the individual in question.

    • (3) When disclosure is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound education of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual in question

    • (4) When it is necessary to cooperate with government agencies or local public bodies or persons entrusted by these in the execution of their duties provided by law.

    • (5) When the Company outsources the handling of personal data in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the achievement of the Purpose of Utilization, in order to ensure smooth business operation.

    • (6) Personal Data may be provided to a third party if the Company is merge with or aqcuired by that party.

  • With regards to personal information, it is in agreement these terms and conditions and the Company's "Privacy Policy" and "Handling of Personal Information."

(Applicable Law in Regards to the Use of the Service)

  • Article 16

    The management of the Service is in accordance with the laws of Japan

(Competent Jurisdiction over Use of the Service)

  • Article 17

    In the case of a dispute between parties in the relation to use of the Service, the parties will come to a settlement in good faith. If negotiations cannot be settled, it is agreed that it will be handled by a Kagoshima District Court.

Supplementary provision

  • These terms and conditions have been enforced since 2017 April 1st

P101-A01-01 1 版

Established: 2011, April 1st
Revised: 2014, October 1st
CEO, Shozo Kikunaga

Privacy Policy

*** This document is translated from Japanese. The official registered documentation is in Japanese only and may be found here.***

At GSE, we recognize that the personal information we receive from customers in the process of making travel arrangements is of utmost importance and as a social responsibility to protect all personal information that we handle during the course of our work, and we are dedicated to observing all laws and ordinances governing the protection of individual rights and personal information. Additionally, we pledge our company-wide commitment to developing management systems to protect personal information, in order to realize the policies outlined below. We will also strive to be constantly aware of the latest trends in information technology, societal demands, and changes in the business environment in order to make continuous improvements to these systems.

1. We shall ensure that personal information is fairly and lawfully obtained, used, and provided only for executing our operations, recruiting employees, and managing human resources and that handling of personal information does not exceed the specified purpose.

2. We shall comply with laws, governmental guidelines, and other regulations on privacy protection.

3. We shall take reasonable security measures to prevent risks related to leakage, loss, and damage of personal information, including continuously improvement of our personal information protection management systems by investing business resources in line with the state of our operations. Moreover, if any improprieties occur, we shall immediately take corrective measures. Additionally, we may outsource part of our data analysis, tool creation, or mailing processes. In such cases, we shall conclude personal information protection agreements with counterparties and monitor their operations to ensure sound compliance.

4. We shall respond to any complaints and inquiries related to our processing with privacy information immediately, appropriately, and in good faith. In addition, we will cease the issue of mail magazines etc. when requested to do so by the customer.

5. We shall continuously improve our personal information protection management systems by reviewing them at the appropriate timing in view of changes in the environment surrounding the company. This policy is easily accessible on our company website, pamphlets, and more.

For any inquiries regarding the personal information privacy policy, please contact us at the information below.

Address: 5500 Chiran-cho Kori, Minamikyushu-shi, Kagoshima 897-0302
Email: e-net@nansatsu.com
TEL: 0993-83-2275
(Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:30)
※The office may be closed on weekends and holidays

Business Operator: GSE南薩観光株式会社 (hereinafter referred to as “Company”)

Handling of Personal Information

*** This document is translated from Japanese. The official registered documentation is in Japanese only and may be found here.***

1. Name and contact of administrator
Administrator: Shinya, Shinichiro
Contact: 0993-83-2275
2. Purpose and Utilization of the Handling of Personal Information
(1) Purposes of utilization in case of collection of Handling of Personal Information indicated in a document,
etc (including websites and e-mails; hereinafter referred to as "Document, etc.”) directly from the principal.

① Personal information obtained from customers shall be used by the Company, within the necessary scope of tour and travel arrangements, to conduct the following business activities:
・For contacting the customer
・For correspondence of all the customer’s requests and inquiries.
・For introducing the Company’s and Company’s Partner’s products and information, requesting participation opinions and feedback following a tour or event, for requesting participation in surveys, for compiling statistical reports (data used will be processed so that individuals cannot be identified), and other similar uses.

② Counterparty information
・For conducting business negotiations, as well as communicating, receiving and placing orders, and handling billing and payments during the course of business.

③ Employee information
・For personnel and labor management, job management, health management, and security management of employees.

④ Handling of Personal Information of applicants for employment
・For contact to job applicants and management of recruitment jobs of the Company.

(2) Purposes for utilization in case of collection by other methods than those of the preceding paragraph
① Customers information received by phone
・For responding to telephone inquiries and confirming application information. (Phone calls may be recorded)

② Customers information entrusted associated with consignment of business
・Personal information obtained from customers shall be used by the Company, within the necessary scope of tour and travel arrangements, to conduct the following business activities. The Purpose of Utilization of the Handling of Personal Information of our contracted affiliate companies for tour products, as well as insurance company, can all be found on their websites.
・Insurance Company
  JI Accident & Fire insurance Co., Ltd. http://www.jihoken.co.jp/
・The Company’s contracted travel agents for tour products
  JTB Corp. http://www.jtb.co.jp
  ANA Sales http://www.anas.co.jp
  KNT Co., Ltd. http://www.knt.co.jp
  JAL Sales http://www.jalsales.com/
3. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company shall not disclose personal information obtained from customers to third parties,
except in the following cases:
(1) When making arrangements related to the associated tour. For example, to hotels and accommodations, transportation companies, tourism related companies, etc.
(2) When the individual in question has given their express consent
(3) When disclosure is required by law and ordinances
(4) When disclosure is required in order to protect the life, well-being or assets of a person, and it is difficult to obtain to consent of the individual in question.
(5) When disclosure is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound education of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual in question
(6) When it is necessary to cooperate with government agencies or local public bodies or persons entrusted by these in the execution of their duties provided by law, and obtaining the consent of the individual in question is liable to obstruct the execution of said duties
(7) When the Company outsources the handling of personal data in whole or in part within the scope necessary for the achievement of the Purpose of Utilization, in order to ensure smooth business operation.

4. Confidentiality Agreements with Outsourcing Companies
In cases where the Company outsources the handling of personal data in whole or in part, it shall ensure thorough management of personal information, including selecting vendors based on strict criteria such as the requirement of sound systems to protect personal information, and concluding non-disclosure agreements with counterparties.

5. Request for Disclosure, etc., of Handling of Personal Information
If you wish a notification of the purpose of utilization, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of the contents, suspension of use, removal, and suspension of the provision to a third party (hereinafter referred to as "Disclosure, etc.") of your Handling of Personal Information held by the Company, please contact the Company for the guidance of the necessary procedures. Upon such request, the Company will take without delay the necessary measures in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the internal rules of the Company. If the request is not met in whole or in part, the Company will explain the reason for that.

6. Voluntariness of the Provision of Personal Information
Whether to provide personal information to us is entirely up to the customer. However, if we do not receive necessary information, it may not be possible to provide certain services in the appropriate manner.

7. Acquisition of Personal Information by Means Not Readily Discernible by the Individual
This website uses “cookies” to make viewing more convenient for users on subsequent visits. These cookies used on this website will neither infringe customer privacy nor negatively affect your computer.
This website also employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encoding on all forms in which personal data is entered. In addition, firewalls and other security measures have been implemented to protect data within the website. However, due to the nature of internet data transmissions, please understand that it is impossible to fully guarantee security in all cases.

8. Authorized Handling of Personal Information Protection Organization
 An Authorized Handling of Personal Information Protection Organization is an organization that has obtained the approval of the competent minister pursuant to Article 37 of the Handling of Personal Information Protection Act, the purpose of which is to ensure proper handling of Handling of Personal Information by disposing of complaints concerning handling of the subject Handling of Personal Information and the provision of information to the subject business operators.

Authorized Handling of Personal Information Protection Organization that the Company has joined: JIPDEC
Contact office for solution of complaints: Handling of Personal Information Protection and Complaint Consultation Center
Phone Number: 03-5860-7565 Toll-free: 0120-700-779
※This is not the contact office for the service of the Company

For questions, inquiries, or complaints regarding the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact us at the below information.
Address: 5500 Chiran-cho Kori, Minamikyushu-shi, Kagoshima 897-0302
Email: e-net@nansatsu.com
TEL: 0993-83-2275
(Hours: 10:00 ~ 17:30)
※The office may be closed on weekends and holidays

<鹿児島県内在住外国人限定>12/10-11大自然おおすみ体験の休日2日 モニタ-ツア-(10名様限定)募集しました。



南九州の伝統文化と新たな革新で見出せる 高付加価値企画商品販売について


国際クルーズの受入を再開します ~国際クルーズ運航のためのガイドラインが策定されました~





人吉編 公開しました。






【株式会社クルーズプラネット主催】ポナンクルーズ ご昼食付き説明会のご案内


2022年3月期 決算発表しました。

Hello everyone







世界のラグジュアリ-クルーズブランド「ポナン」 2023年5月日本初のチャーター(貸切船舶)企画販売 記者発表・クルーズ企画発売説明会開催について









2022年度版 GSE貸切観光バスリーフレット更新しました






~かごんま&みやこんじょラボ連携~ 2022年1月~鹿児島県(鹿屋市)&都城市におけるプロモ-ション始動について


観光庁高付加価値化推進事業【交通連携型】LUXIES 都城市・鹿屋市・南大隅町を 持続可能な高付加価値企画実施





今こそ鹿児島割引! 安心のグル-プ貸切(10名様から)で行く日帰り旅行発表しました



今こそ鹿児島の旅 第2弾 販売停止について









6/01付 ANA客室乗務員による取締役就任について

6/01付 経営執行体制について



今こそ鹿児島の旅 第2弾 販売停止について


GSE貸切バス事業ユニット所属 観光バス運転士永年勤続安全運転模範表彰受章しました。

2019年第28回プロが選ぶ観光バス30選 表彰式開催【主催:旅行新聞新社】







~ワンストップで危機管理サービス~ 「安全情報付き」組織社内ビジネスチャットアプリにおける販売業務について






鹿児島県・宮崎県主体に観光素材を さらにANAウェブサイトにて素材単品商品充実はかります。



2020年12月より宮崎県全域への旅行企画促進のため 最新鋭大型ス-パ-ハイデッカーバスにてPRします。

〔鹿児島県福岡事務所×GSE共同企画リリース〕LUXIES Coach「ラグジュアリ-コ-チ」で巡る 富裕層向け旅行エージェント及びキャリア等現地調査事業を実施します。



【報道情報】#236 小さな夢旅を!! ~鹿児島発 ローカルバスの未来~(2020年10月17日(土)(テレビ朝日 放送)




GSE GoToトラベルおすすめバスツアー (2020年10月~2021年2月)発売中

貸切バスの換気 性能を広くPRするための「日本バス協会作成のリーフレット」のご案内について



Kagoshima Tourism Ambassador!
~Application Period is Over~





A Guide for the New Travel Etiquette (Japanese Only)

[Information for chartered bus operators] Information regarding projects, planning, etc. in the approach for the sightseeing buses' New Normal era (Japanese Only)


Even buses needs to adapt to the New Normal


GSE's Bus Management Unit, ensuring the prevention of infection through droplets. (6/1)

Sterilization and Deodorization Measures on Sightseeing Buses (update 2020.05.29)

【施設情報】SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima 鹿児島県民応援宿泊プラン 期間】  2020年6月1日(月)~2020年7月17日(金)【鹿児島県在住の方限定】



”GSE LUXIES Kagoshima ラグジュアリー企画開発始動”

”GSE LUXIES Kagoshima 奢侈旅游商品开发启动”

”GSE LUXIES Kagoshima Luxury Plan and Development”



Quality Assurance Certificate for Tour Operators Renewal(Valid until: March 31, 2021)

緊急企画プロジェクト「GSEローカルなんでも推進全員参 課」発足へ!


GSE is authorized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency for the promotion of regional resources in Kagoshima.




内閣広報室からの新型コロナウイルス対策のチラシについて 周知依頼が届きましたのでご連絡いたします。

GSE Kagoshima Office and India Office change of address

Master of Japanese Hospitality


Change in Head Office Business Service from January 1, 2020


GSE ranked 30th for the Year 2019, 28th Excellent Tourist Bus Company


GSE's LUXIES is here! Operations start on November 2019.



The luxury brand

The GSE Safety Operations Team

GSE INDIA拠点開設記念「はじめてのインドを知る!」経済視察ならび観光ツア-として企画発売しました。

In commemoration of the establishment of GSE INDIA


The launch of the Luxury Brand

GSE welcomes our visitors from South Africa; the Springboks Rugby Team for their training session here in Kagoshima.


【NEW BUSES】GSE brings you two new Large-size High Decker Buses with a capacity of 60 people each. (Operations start from September 1, 2019)

【商品情報】エースJTBオプショナルツア-「日帰りツア-頴娃・指宿(旅行企画実施及び運行:GSE corp.)」発売しました。


2019 GSE 秋・冬バス旅(8月~12月)発売しました。



The 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games


Be a Tourism Ambassador!
~Application Finished~

~Tell the world about your love for Kagos…




With the aim to develop Global Business, the initiative to start CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) was realized.



Wellness Kagoshima Promotional Video

April 1, 2019: marks up the start of Japan's "Reiwa Era". GSE also start up global business.

2019年04月01日 発表了新元號「令和」! GSE全球業務也啟動了。

Guideline on the maintenance and other precautions for charter buses.


GSE Mid to Long Term Business Plan





A Story Around the Sea of Nansatsu 【Video Presentation】

Nansatsu Blue Tourism Project

早いもの勝ち!今年のGW10連休!海外旅行あきらめてませんか?4/29(月)発 鹿児島空港発着バンコク直行チャ-タ-便5日間企画商品発売!

2019年版 南九州の主要ホテル GSEブローシャー発行しました。(英語・繁体字・簡体字・日本語)

GSE Hotel Brochure 2019

2019年版 南九州的主要酒店 GSE指南發行了。(英語・繁体字・簡体字・日本語)

先下手為強哦!今年GW10連休!你放棄出國旅遊了嗎? 4/29(週一)由鹿兒島機場直航至曼谷的5日遊策劃商品公開發布啦!

【大好評】2019年度版 拝啓幹事様 GSEのザ・職場旅行がおすすめ 

Check out GSE's year 2019 Company Profile updated version! (Japanese Only)

[超受歡迎] 2019年度版 敬啟 各位宣傳擔當,推薦GSE的職場旅行






As the major base for GSE Asia-Pacific, we opened GSE India (Bengaluru)


2019年2月版 貸切バス事業ユニットご案内発行しました。

February 2019 updated version of the Chartered Bus Unit Information

2019年2月版 观光巴士業務指南信息發布啦。

【Kagoshima Sun Royal Event Information】【New Zealand's Harmony of Food and Wine】 Approved by the Embassy of New Zealand Commerce Department special event

【鹿児島太陽皇家酒店 活動信息】【新西蘭食材及葡萄酒配搭】 新西蘭大使館商務部支持的特別活動

GSE ranked 30th for the Year 2019, 28th Excellent Tourist Bus Company【Organizer:Travel Newspaper Shinsha】

2019年第28屆專業觀光巴士公司30選 頒獎典禮[舉辦單位:旅遊報新社]


2019年 謹賀新年!安全祈願と年始式開催。

Happy New Year 2019! Prayers for a safety year and annual ceremonies are held.

2019年 謹賀新年!保佑安全並舉行新年儀式。

【Year 2019 PASSION Message of the CEO】We will continue providing traveling services with passion and set good impression to customers.

【職場チ-ムワ-ク向上スポフェス】2019 04/13~14 第3回スポフェスイン沖縄受付開始しました。

【Sports Fest for Teamwork Building in Workplace 】Participants for the 3rd sports fest in Okinawa on April 13~14 application has started.


GSE Acquires ★★★ 3-stars
for Safety Bus Operations


GSE ranked 30th for the Year 2019, 28th Excellent Tourist Bus Company


GSE Charter Bus Service, Tourist Bus Driver Received an Award for Long Service and Safety Operations.

2019 GSEプロモーション動画リリース DA PUMP / U.S.A. →G.S.E. (南薩観光)

GSE アメリカ・ニューヨーク初営業記念DA PUMP U.S.A 替え歌 C' MON BABY…

2019 GSE Promotional Video Release: Da Pump/U.S.A. → GSE (南薩観光)

GSE New York, America Business CollaborationDA PU…

2019 GSE宣傳視頻發布 DA PUMP / U.S.A. →G.S.E. (南薩観光)

GSE美國·紐約首次舉行紀念活動將DA PUMP U.S.A翻唱成C'MON BABY G.S.E…

Introduce Kagoshima to the World!

Represent your country and let the world know …

නොමියන මතකයකි කගොෂිමා

Tokyo University X GSE “Aviation Innovation!” held a commemorative lecture towards the establishment of “GSE Pacific NZ Limited”. (November 20)

Unforgetable Kagoshima Internship

Bus Reservation and Arrangements Guide


Company Profile Updated Version(November 1, 2018 Latest Edition)

【10月29日ツア-電話受付開始】GSEバスツア-11月下旬~2月 近日発売!WEBでも販売開始します。

ご旅行幹事さん必見!GSE旅行利用促進企画   T-POINT 5倍キャンペ-ン

GSE PLATINUM COACH(Luxury Van Coach)to be released in 2019!!!

Operations starts on Autumn 2019. GSE corp. Asia Pacific Division Launched "GSE Pacific NZ Limited"

\第19回 使ってみたいMONOフェア/山形屋(鹿児島市) GSE コンサル&マーケティング 出店のお知らせ 9月5日(水)〜11日(火)

“GSE Platinum Team”- new planning and sales department that will be opening on October; providing high-quality trips to Southern Kyushu and abundant resources of tourism in whole Kyushu Region.

9月6日(木)~7日(金) 「国際観光シンポジウム」in福岡開催(参加無料)のご案内!


Worldwide Network Interactive Operation with 97 Countries and 121 Cities was Commenced

Green Tourism Tour Experience

In addition to various kinds of green touris…

体験型旅のススメ! グリーンツーリズム宿泊体験ツアー 参加者募集



OTS & GSE to start collaboration business in New Zealand

handy Japan株式会社との業務委託契約締結について

この度、7/10付で当社とhandy Japan株式会社と業務委託契約の締結しました。(業務委託内…

Contract with handy Japan has been formed

On July 10th, GSE formed a contract with handy Ja…


2 New Day Tours Starting in July 2018

2018 GSE Company Profile Ver. 2

GSE Bus Drivers Wanted


Tourism For All バス動画


GSE Bus Video: Tourism For All


New GSE buses introduced on a welfare media site.


GSE Head Office Remodel Complete

The remodeling of our head office was completed p…

PREMIUM X LINER unveiling Ceremony

6月17日(日)GSE-net 第3回南九州の観光業界と留学生の就職面談会 開催実施のご案内

PREMIUM X LINER プロモ-ション動画にて詳細ご覧いただけます。

PREMIUM X LINER Promotion Video

Kirishima & Ibusuki Onsen Tours Released

2 new tours to support the countryside


グル―プ対象緊急企画商品「きばっど!じゃっど!霧島温泉」、指宿温泉盛り上げようキャンペ-ン! お気…

Check here for our latest coach bus availability



指宿温泉盛り上げようキャンペ-ン! お気軽に「指宿温泉まで、ゆるしてちょうだい!」貸切バス+指宿温泉(1泊2食付)販売開始いたしました。!


PREMIUM X LINER Final Inspections

GSE’s 2 new buses are undergoing some final inspe…



Welcome Our 2 New GSE Members

April is the start of the business year in Japan.…




Inbound Market EXPO2018


New Day Trip Tours in Kagoshima!

PREMIUM X LINER 4月完成導入の大型ハイデッカ―バスリフト付車両デザイン決定しました

4月完成導入する新型大型ハイデッカーバスリフト付車両2台である、PREMIUM X LINERの車…

Introducing the new PREMIUM X LINER (wheelchair accessible coach buses)

In May, 2 new large coach buses will join the GSE…

東京Bon 東京盆踊り2020をKagoshima観光地でやってみました。

Tokyo Bon Odori 2020 (GSE Kagoshima Version)


12/14 JIF九州国際インバウンドフォーラム in 熊本 開催されます。(主催:一般社団法人日本インバウンド連合会(JIF))


公益社団法人日本バス協会主催 第62回全国バス事業者大会(開催地 鹿児島市)での、国土交通省自動車…

第2回観光業界対象 留学生就職面談会開催!(雇用確保してこそ事業領域拡大へ)


2018 GSE Tours

2018 GSE fixed departure tour schedules and prices

知覧茶を楽しむ 知覧茶マルシェ開催!


「ホテル業界マップ 2018」にGSEも掲載されています。


Let’s Drink Satsuma Shochu, Shiranami!

Privacy Mark Certification


Visit Japan Travel Mart 2017

Izumi, Kagoshima

Home Stays, Bird Watching, and a Samurai Neighbor…



New Tours Released for Japan Inbound Tourists

Japan Coastline Alliance offers SIC tours with co…

グリーンツーリズム宿泊体験ツアー 参加者募集


All Agreements

Obi is a small historic town

The Summer Night Firework Festival in Kagoshima



New GSE Website (Test Version)

Test Version of New GSE Website Up and Ru…

Cruise Ship Buses

GSE can arrange transportation for a variety of t…




GSE Bus Operation Management

Purpose and Utilization of the Handling of Personal Information

Privacy Policy

Travel Arrangement Agreements and Conditions

Bus Quality Management

GSE considers the management of our buses and dri…

Company Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Bus Drivers Wanted










JCA(Japan Coastline Alliance)発足しました。


2017年度版 コ-ポレ-トプロフィ-ル発行いたしました。



平成29年4月1日 新体制について


Quality Assurance System for Tour Operators

GSE-net!南九州観光誘客促進連合 平成29年度総会・記念講演・懇談会開催実施いたします。


Japan-Coast Line Alliance設立へ



居心地のいい地域のつくり方 in 国直

イベントご案内3/28(火)「ANA Presents 鹿児島の夕べ ~世界遺産の現状と未来を語る~」

イベントご案内3/28(火)「ANA Presents 鹿児島の夕べ ~世界遺産の現状と未来を語る…






GSE Wifi Intro

GSE now offers wifi on some of our coach buses.Co…