Makurazaki Fish Express One Day Bus Tour

3,000 円/人

Makurazaki Fish Express One Day Bus Tour

This is a one-day bus tour to experience straw-grilled bonito, a specialty of Makurazaki City, and visit sightseeing spots.
A nice souvenir is included! Let's go on a trip to discover the charm of Makurazaki City!

◆ Tour fee: 3,000 yen per person (including tax / 2,000-yen worth of souvenirs from the Makurazaki Fish Center)
◆ Capacity: Minimum 10 people, Maximum 30 people
◆ Meeting place: Kagoshima Chuo Station West Exit bus parking
◆ Meeting time: 8:45 a.m.
◆ Meals: lunch only
◆ Itinerary
 3/02(土)・3/03(日)・3/09 (土)

Children's fee is the same as adult fee.
Please note that you may be asked to cooperate in surveys, photography, videotaping, television filming, monitoring, etc.

About Application

【Application Method】 Web Application
 Click here to apply

Application deadline: 10 days prior to the day before the departure date
Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please note that we do not accept applications by phone.

After application.
Please pay for the trip using your preferred payment method.
After the application deadline, we will send you a tour guide.

Methods of payment
Payment by bank transfer, credit card or convenience store
Payment by bank transfer
 Kagoshima Bank, Chiran Branch, Account 0265741 Nansatsu Kanko Co.

Tour highlights!

Hinokami Park
Hinokami Park is located along the coast overlooking the East China Sea, at the tip of a cape jutting out into the East China Sea, where [mountain Yukihiko], appearing in Kojiki dropped in. The Tategami rock of 42m in height to rise off a pride by Satsuma Peninsula's leading scenery is mysterious beauty.
Peace Memorial Observatory
The "Monument to the Requiem for the Sacrifices of the Battleship Yamato" and other ships of the Second Fleet that went on the special attack on Okinawa and the statue of the Goddess of Mercy, a symbol of hope for lasting peace in the world, are enshrined here. Below, the magnificent East China Sea stretches out, and the site of the sinking of the battleship can be seen on the horizon.

Makurazaki Fish Center
At the fish market on the first floor, where lively shouts are heard, you can enjoy shopping at a direct sales counter selling fresh fish and special dried bonito flakes, which is unique to Makurazaki, a fishing port.
At the Buen restaurant on the second floor overlooking the sea, you can enjoy fresh seafood while watching the sea.

Straw-fired bonito experience
This is an experience unique to Makurazaki, the home of bonito!
Fresh frozen bonito for sashimi landed at Makurazaki Fishing Port is boldly grilled.
By grilling with easily flammable straw, only the surface is instantly grilled without losing the "color of the bonito meat" and the aroma of the burning straw enhances the flavor of the bonito even more.
We hope you will enjoy the handcrafting and the taste of seasonal ingredients along with the lively scenery of Makurazaki's fishing port.

Satsuma Shuzo Brewery Meiji Kura
Satsuma Shuzo Cultural Museum Meiji Brewery is a shochu brewery that has been in business since the Meiji period.
It specializes in the traditional handmade and turtledove shochu passed down from generation to generation, and has succeeded in restoring the profound "Satsuma sweet potato shochu" including shochu from the mid-Edo and Meiji periods.
The shochu is still made in the same pots that have been used for over 100 years, and visitors can directly observe the brewing process and enjoy free tasting of the shochu made in the pots.

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